Duty travel

A.S. &dutytravel_ASNAP_250 A.P. Airline Services & Accommodation Partner has contracted over 30 hotels at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as well as Amsterdam City Center. For all your Duty Travel request A.S. & A. P. Is able to find you the right hotel for the right price. In case you have a request outside Amsterdam or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol A.S. & A.P. is able to find you the best rate based on the network of hotels available to A.S. & A.P.

Basically A.S. & A.P. is your accommodation partner!

In many occasions invoices will be sent directly from the hotel to the airline without any additional booking fees.

In case you have a request please call +31 (0) 6 20847032 (24/7) or e mail info@asnap.nl