What we do

A.S. & A.P. Airline Services and Accommodation Partner was founded in 2009 after the request of several Amsterdam based airlines to assist in booking hotel accommodation for stranded passengers.

hNow A.S. & A.P. handles stranded passengers for over 25 airlines at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From 1 to 800+ rooms, including or excluding transportation from and to the hotels, A.S. & A.P. has contracted over 40 hotels at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam City Center, in the area of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as well as near the Airport of Rotterdam –The Hague, the city of Rotterdam and The Hague. This number of hotels makes it possible for A.S. & AP. To always find a suitable hotel for stranded passengers.

A.S. & A.P. is a one-stop-shop for airlines and handling companies for all their requests related to a disruption. A.S. & A.P. will reserve the number of rooms necessary for all stranded passengers and upon request will organize busses to transfer the passengers to the hotel as soon as possible. Once arrived in the hotel A. S. & A.P. will advise front office staff about wake up and pick up times for the passengers and this information will be communicated with the passengers during dinner as well as in their rooms.

SCHIPHOL-DRUKSTE DAG-MARECHAUSSEEAll based on a one phone call principal whereby the Airline contacts A.S. & A.P. by phone to share the number of passengers on board, if transportation is required what time the busses should be ready at a previous determined rendezvous point. A.S. & A.P. makes the necessary arrangements, allowing airline personnel to take care of their passengers, and will call the Airline back with the name of the hotel, rates for rooms and food and beverage requests as well as time and place for the busses. If the information for departure is already known at this time A.S. & A.P. will share this with the hotel and will organize busses for the return transfer of the passengers.

A.S. & A.P. is also the main information source for the hotels in case of questions from passengers or themselves, again allowing the airline personnel to focus on their passengers.

Premium passengers are accommodated in a different or better hotel then the non-premium passengers and if required crew is also booked in a different hotel than the passengers.

Last but not least this service is free for the airlines!

No fees will be charged for booking hotel rooms or busses. The invoice from the hotel/transportation company will be sent directly to the airline without any mark up fees and including the written confirmation from A.S. & A.P. stating the number of rooms, rates, food and beverage requests as well as other charges allowed by the airline like internet or phone charges.

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